Fast and Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

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When it comes to decorating for the holidays we all want something fast, easy, and spectacular. Hanging lights on every bush and gutter for Christmas or staking zombies in the yard for Halloween are decoration choices that bring spectacular results. Unfortunately, they require so much work that most people gladly leave them to the neighbors. Others completely opt out of the whole decorating craze because it seems so overwhelming. But holiday decorating does not need to be complicated and require hard work when there are alternatives to the most common decorations. It can be easy to bring up the holiday spirit.

A good alternative to the Christmas lights hanging from the gutters are the window icicle lights and the lighted window decorations. They are much easier and safer to put up and take down. You probably have seen houses with cute candy canes or snowflakes lighting up the windows. When those are accentuated with color flood lights from the outside the effect is indeed spectacular. The flood lights are also easy to put up – you need to stake 3-4 near the house, connect them with extension cords and point them at decorations on the house.

Another choice for window decorating are the Christmas translucent window decorations. They are plastic sheets with Christmas-themed prints that just need taping to the window. The regular room lights take care of their lighting so from the street they look whimsical.

If you happen to have metal garage doors, the Christmas garage door magnets are really easy and great-looking decoration. There are a few choices of those on the market. It takes just a few minutes to put up the magnets but after that the whole house brightens up. There are also Christmas-themed dishwasher covers and refrigerator magnets for easy indoor decorating. Some of those are suitable for the front door as well.

Other outdoor decorations that bring the holiday spirit are various Christmas mailbox covers, flags and banners, and windsocks. Nowadays the bicycle garden spinners are also a good and cheerful addition to the front lawn. It is easy to make all the outdoor decorations that have no lights of their own visible at night as well by just pointing flood lights to them.

Whatever your choices for decorating this Christmas are, it is important to do it. The holiday cheer that your brightly decorated house can bring will make the gloom of the winter pass by unnoticed.

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How to Use Liquid Eyeliner As a Nail-Art Tool

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Late last week, my hand was used as a substitute penis to test out a new app that measured “hard members” and then spat back statistics on where yours stood against the rest of ‘em. While the app’s usefulness is questionable, many of you seemed a bit more, uh, distracted by my speckled nail job. Judging by the comments at least.

The artwork is courtesy of Brooklyn-based manicurist Fleury Rose who used the Freckle polish from Illamasqua’s newest collection, I’mperfection. Inspired by spotted robin’s eggs, each of the five bottles have black glitter mixed into milky pastel bases. But for the black accents on each ring finger, Rose used the brand’s Precision Ink liquid eyeliner to create a slightly spiky, American Horror Story effect. Here’s how:

Step 1: Paint each nail with two coats of polish. Let dry.

Step 2: Tap the edge (not the point) of a felt pen liner with the tip facing the cuticle across the top of the nail. This will create a jagged, spiked effect.

Step 3: Finish with a top coat to protect the paint. Let dry.